Benefits of Exporting and Importing Scrap Metals

Metals serve countless purposes depending on their nature but seem to pose major challenges when we can no longer use them. Many people unwittingly dump metals as they do normal trash but that is a huge mistake that leads to serious environmental degradation, pollution and thereby an increase in diseases among the population. It is therefore imperative that we recycle all the metal that we can and dump the rest appropriately so our environment doesn’t bear the brunt.

Individual households with scrap metals often sell them to companies with the skills and equipment to turn them into useful items. Jewelry, cables, wires and other metallic items can be gathered and sold off to these companies which either resell or re-purpose them. Import and export of scrap metals has become an ideal business venture for many who would otherwise be out of work. Here are some benefits if importing and exporting scrap metals;

  • Different countries have certain metals in large supplies which means they probably have more scrap of one kind that they don’t need. Exporting gives them a chance to dispose what they don’t require and in turn they could export scrap metals that are not readily available.
  • Trading in scrap metals reduces pollution and emission of dangerous fumes that are harmful to people. Instead of dumping scrap in pits, rivers or incinerating traders sell these materials to be used in other applications. This way we save on money and prevent damage of the environment and natural resources.
  • The international scrap metals trade encourages recycling as opposed to producing more metal items. Recycling demands less energy than manufacturing from virgin ore which makes it cheaper to recycle. It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum, 90% for copper and 60% to recycle steel or iron.
  • Exporting and importing scrap metals creates jobs for hundreds if not thousands of people. The industry benefits more than its employees with evidence showing that scrap metal trade employs hundreds of people indirectly.
  • This trade is a great way of improving diplomatic ties among countries whose citizens participate in exchange.

Foreign trade in scrap metals benefits the whole country if not the entire world but this is only possible if you understand how things work. Remember that countries have governing laws about trade and make sure that requirements are met before trying to trade. You should also choose the kind of scrap you want to trade in as different metals have unique qualities that would make them good to trade in or otherwise. It is also worth noting that some countries might not allow you to sell certain types of scrap metal.

If you are sure that exportation and importation is the trade for you, simply approach relevant authorities to get licenses and all necessary paperwork in order. It is important to research well in advance before participating in this trade to ensure that you get the best rates for your metals or the best metals for your price. This and dedication to your work will lead to success for you and your country.

written by: Mr. Write